June Kitchen Specials

Though we like to think that everything we do is special, we offer a few sweet and/or savory treats outside of our normal daily offerings. Daily kitchen specials change on a monthly basis. Find us on social media @timelesscoffee for up to the minute menu updates.

Monday - Friday

7 AM - 1030 AM

Cornmeal waffle with fresh berries.

Tempeh bacon breakfast burrito.

Monday - Thursday

11 AM - 4 PM

Grilled cheese.

Pesto avocado panini.

Every Friday

11 AM - 4 PM

Meatball supreme pizza. Meatballs, peppers, mushrooms, and olives. Whole or half.

Every Saturday

8 AM - 11 AM

Seasonal fruit smoothie granola bowl.

11 AM - 3 PM

Chicken pot pie.

Every Sunday

8 AM - 2 PM

Bagel benedict. Bagel topped with tofu scramble, tempeh bacon, spinach, avocado, and hollandaise.

Mango pancakes topped with toasted coconut.

Soft Serve Ice Cream

Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday during the colder months, unless it's unseasonably warm. Flavors change often.



Though we plan our specials to run the duration of the schedule posted here, sometimes we sell out. If you're worried about missing out on something, feel free to give us a call before you come by. We'll do our best to avoid crushing your hopes and dreams.

We assume no liability for injury and/or addiction resulting from excessive or compulsive consumption of soft serve ice cream.